Zephyr or Anvkin is an active DJ in the California Bay Area electronic music scene. After experiencing the rave circuit in the early 90's he had decided to assist in fostering  a new bold music movement by aligning with various underground collectives through out the greater San Francisco, Oakland, and Santa Cruz areas.

In May of 1997, along with other like minded individuals, he launched the R.A.S. Collective. This group would be responsible for a myriad of free renegade outdoor events, as well as indoor parties from 1997 till 2001. During this time Anvkin also played on a weekly basis for various venues, warehouse parties, and outdoor campouts. He was a reoccurring guest for the KZSU (Stanford) winter solstice shows.

From 2005 - 2006 Anvkin had gained residency at Club Anton on Oakland, as well as a weekly Friday night  net-broadcast on Retroforward Radio (9Pm till 9Am).  Having to focus on lifes other demands he still would appear every so often @ houseparties and after party events.

As of  2012, onward Anvkin curates radio station Lucid Dreams On Live365.com as well as frequent mixes on Mixcloud.
Anvkin goes by several handles as well as AKAs online.
His presence on internet-based communities such as (Z)List - AX - Irreality - Twitter as well as smaller congregations has been ongoing since the late 90's.  Several penned wits endup on online corpusi under the listing of 7 21.
Booking Inquires:  Kia_nan@yahoo.com